HISTORY Velsicol is a chemical corporation that has been polluting the environment and destroying lives of citizens in Chattanooga for more than 50 years. Velsicol confidently admits to dumping their contaminated ground water into our water treatment systems. This should cause major concern to the neighboring cities downstream because our waste water treatment plant does not test or treat for pesticides.

EVIL PLANS The final remediation plan is to put between 12 and 18 inches of soil over the 40 acres Velsicol polluted in South Chattanooga and let the contaminated ground water just flow into the Chattanooga sewer untreated! This water becomes our drinking water! In major rain events this water just goes into the Tennessee River! Tell TDEC that Velsicol should remove their pesticides from our water before it leaves their property, and tell them they should clean the soil -- not just cover it up.

CHATTANOOGA CREEK A former Superfund site, it is considered highly toxic as a direct result of Velsicol's irresponsible containment and disposal of their hazardous waste, and will never again be clean enough to swim in. It's time to let our voices be heard. Tell TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation) to make Velsicol Clean It Up, Not Cover It Up!

Contact Roger Donovan at and keep a copy of your email.

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Vigil To Support Community Damaged By Velsicol Chemical Announced Vigil Planned To Protest Velsicol Site Cleanup


TDEC Update - 15 February 2011 Velsicol Fact Sheet TNHW 105 Sampling and Analyses Analitycal Testing Interim Measures Performance Report No 28 2010 Ground Water Monitoring Report


Attend the Vigil to STOP Velsicol Message the Decision Makers Gather Petition Signatures


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